Lurong Summertime Challenge

Summertime is all about friends, family, vacations, beach, suntans, BBQ, and outdoor activities. Many of us have goals to be confident about the way we look in swimsuit or about being in shape enough to enjoy all kinds of summertime activities. Looking your best and getting in shape all starts with your diet. The Summertime Challenge provides what you need to prepare yourself for the best summer of your life. It provides you with the community, accountability, structure, motivation, competitive atmosphere, and education you need to make this summer the best season of your life.
The Summertime Challenge allows for individuals to compete simultaneously as an individual and for their Affiliate Team. This 5 week Challenge (May 11th-June 15th) tracks your diet, progress in achieving your summer goals, body composition, weight, key lifestyle markers, workout performance, and improvements. Whether your goal is to lose a few lbs. and look good in that swimsuit, improve your diet, or looking to bump your performance to the next level, the Summertime Challenge is built for you.

Watch the Official Summertime Challenge Video below and then Sign Up Here

2015 Lurong Living Summertime Challenge from LuRong Living on Vimeo.

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