The Mental Side of Training – Staying Positive & Moving Forward

The Mental Side of Training – Staying Positive & Moving Forward

Over the past 5 years, I’ve written A LOT of blog posts for our community on all kinds of different subjects that have to do with health and fitness.

Many of those blog posts have been dedicated to creating a shift in the way you think about fitness or breaking bad self-talk habits that we all develop throughout a lifetime.

So, below is a list of blog posts from the last 5 years that I think will help you change your mindset, push past barriers, reach new heights, and improve mentally, which will, in turn, help you get to the gym more and increase your abilities physically.

Smile, It’ll Hurt Less

Positive Momentum – Jar of Awesome

Trust the Process

Just Show Up

Don’t Stop

Have a Great Day if You Want to

Attitude of Gratitude

Don’t Cling to a Mistake

Think of How Far You’ve Come

Celebrate Your Fitness, Don’t Punish Yourself for Bad Choices

Whether It’s Good or Bad, It’s Good

Are You Really Too Busy?


Effort is a Choice

10 Things that Require Zero Talent

Start with Why

Consistency Brings Results

You’ve Gotta Do Your Part

Excellence is Not Random

The 40 Percent Rule

Do Not Seek Comfort, Seek Solutions

Schedule Your Fitness

Don’t Worry, No One is Looking

Persistence & Patience

Celebrate Your Victories Big or Small

Pilots Who Grow Old

Be Relentless