“Don’t worry about it. Just do it…”

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Lukey C digging deep for another rep.

Lukey C digging deep for another rep.

I just read an awesome article on The CrossFit Games website and there was something that really stuck out to me that I think we can all learn from.

Mental toughness is KING!

Toward the middle of the article there’s a quote about Kristan Clever, 2010 CrossFit Games Champion, that rung loud and clear with me. “She is so mentally tough. When we’re doing workouts, she never breaks down. That’s what she always preaches to me: ‘Don’t worry about it. Just do it…’”

We’ve all heard the end of this statement, “Just Do It”, about 2 million times, thanks to Nike.

PJ pushing himself on thruster #86 of 100.

PJ pushing himself on thruster #86 of 100.

However, for me, it’s never held such deep meaning.

Think about all those times you’ve stood over a barbell, just staring at it. Or, laid on the ground in the middle of a burpee, feeling defeated and not wanting to get up.

Now, think about what you did next. You didn’t quit, grab your water and go home. You grabbed that barbell and ripped it off the ground and counted another rep. You pushed up, brought your knees to your chest, stood up tall and finished that burpee.

Each time we push past that feeling of defeat or disappointment in our performance and move on to do more, we make ourselves stronger and increase our mental toughness.

So, the next time you’re feeling down because of something that happened to you during your every day life, you can think back on what you did when you were face down in a pile of sweat and everything in your body was tell you that you couldn’t do 1 more rep and you stood up anyway and kept going!

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