Mon 12/14/15

Swim – 45-60min
Finish w/ 5 x 100’s rest 30sec, hold fastest sustainable pace across
Upper-body mobility (include banded OH distraction w/ external rotation + LAX ball smash lat/teres)
Swimming went better again today. Rolling on my left side helped my shoulder. No pain or tightness post swim and lats feel better today, probably from less drag. Next step is to be better at keeping my head down better, I can feel my hips rise when I do it well, but I need to be more consistent with it. Time was 10:16 w/ 2:00 rest, so 8:16 work, which is an average of 1:39 per 100m.

A1. 3min to establish 3RM Hang Squat snatch
205, barely missed 225 on 3rd rep
A2. 3min to establish 2RM Squat Snatch
225, couldn’t make anything to save my life at the beginning and somehow pulled out 225 for the double at the end.
A3. 3min to establish 1RM OHS (from the floor)
Made 255 & 265, hardest part was getting the bar to my back and then holding it overhead, shoulder were tired. Video for all 3 below.

B. Front Squat – 2,2,2 (78-80% across)
These were easy, did all 3 sets at 265 (80% of 1RM – 335)
3 Rounds
20 Alt DB Snatch (55-60#)
20 TTB
20 BBJO @ 24″
11:06, the BBJO’s were just terrible. Snatches were really smooth, which made me happy since I typically don’t like DB snatches. Video below.

Stir The Pots – 4 x 12 ea direction; rest as needed
These suck on a WB, I gotta get a Swiss ball. Completed.
ROMwod – 20min

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