Move With Intent

Move With Intent

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week I wrote a blog post about some new gym rules that we’ve decided to add to our list at Cróga and while I was reading through our old list my mind started to wander down a path that became this week’s topic of conversation, moving with intent.

Before we go any further, if you missed it the gym rules blog post, I suggest you give it a read here, Cróga Gym Rules Revisited, it’s awesome, I promise.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

As I was reading through our existing gym rules there was one that really jumped out at me

Rule 2: Come In With The Right Attitude

-Come in ready to train. Not workout.

Before you all go thinking I’m writing this blog post about you and I’m calling you out, understand that I train twice a day for about two hours, 4 days a week, plus another 2-3 hours on Saturday, so I definitely know what it feels like to want to just go through the motions and not even be there or doing whatever workout my coach has planned for me.

This blog post is just as much advice for our members and other CrossFitters and gym-goers as it is a self reflection on my own attitude and effort.

With that said, as I thought about Rule 2 the words that I kept coming back to were Move With Intent.

What does that mean? It means:

Don’t half ass the warm up, move with intent. You’ll end of “half warm” (not a technical term, but I like it). We don’t make you do the warm up as written to make you look dumb and to waste your time, we do it to get you warm and the more focused you are during it, the better the result will be at the end. I don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve blown off my warm up and paid for it later in the workout.

Don’t screw off during the movement instruction and practice, move with intent. You’ll end up moving like shit when it’s time to lift a heavy barbell. Not only will this restrict your ability to move the weight you’re truly capable of, which is what we need you to do to get stronger, but it’ll set you up to potentially hurt yourself because you set such poor motor patterns in practice and they’re most likely going to carry over to your lifting later.

Be coachable, and then move with intent. It’s our job as coaches to figure out what it’s going to take to make a connection with each athlete to get them to trust us enough to then take our criticism aka spotting of a movement flaw, then take our advice on how to adjust their positioning or movement, and then put it into action. However, being willing to let your guard down, listen and then try what we’ve got to offer you can speed up the process a ton. We’re never going to try to make you move worse, I PROMISE, and we’re always looking to help you be more efficient, feel better and move safely, so even if you’re someone that doesn’t take “criticism” well (even though that’s not what we’re giving you), try to go out on a limb and accept some coaching, it’ll make this whole thing go better. Oh, and when we give you advice on how to move better, move with intent. Literally focus on exactly what we just told you, shut the rest of the brain off, and do your best to do that exact thing.

Don’t go through the motions in the workout, Attack the workout by Moving with Intent. CrossFit is defined as Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at High Intensity. And if you remember from your intro class, the High Intensity part of this equation is where we get results. Those that don’t actually push themselves, never achieve anything. You can do CrossFit for 20 years with the best programming and coaches in the world and just float along lifting weights that are easy for you, doing 10 burpees a minute when you can really do closer to 20 when you try hard, doing pull-ups in singles because it’s easier even though we’ve all seen you break off 10 unbroken before, and you’ll NEVER get more fitYou NEED to move with intent during the WOD or the lifting if you ever want to go anywhere or achieve anything. When your coach says “This workout is going to be as difficult as you choose to make it”, you should take that as a challenge to push as hard as you can and to make it hurt, because that’s where the results are.

From the moment class starts until the last person finishes the workout, we want you to be thinking about why you’re at the gym. Take it seriously, follow directions and the plan for class as written (unless you have some kind of restriction physically that dictates otherwise), and know that we’re doing everything for a reason with the goal of making you happier, healthier, stronger and more fit after each day in class.

By coming to the gym to train, not to just workout, and making the choice to move with intent, you are putting yourself in the mind-state required to be better and drive progress.

And remember, effort is a choice…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]