New Coach Spotlight: Emily S

Coach Emily comes to us with a very diverse background in a lot of different fitness modalities and a passion for helping others improve their lives by finding a form of fitness and nutrition that they love. As you’ll read in her write-up below, Emily has completely flipped the script on what it means to be in control of your mind and body and her bravery and willingness to talk about her past and help others who are or have gone through similar experiences is one of the things we love most about her. She’s also up for just about anything and likes to have a good laugh mid-workout, so she fits right in with our unique and fun Croga family.

Full Name: Emily Ann Suttle

I was born in London and my whole family is from England. When I was 3, we moved to New York so my dad could work on Wall Street. He commuted into the world trade center so 9/11 was transformative for our family. We relocated to Washington DC and I struggled badly with depression as a result of the move. In my teens, I found that if I couldn’t control what was going on in my world, I could control what was going into my body, so I began to starve myself. This battle with anorexia would continue into my late 20’s. I graduated from American University with a degree in economics and went straight to work in research for wealth management groups and hedge funds. Eventually, I succumbed to the pressure of toxic work culture and decided to focus exclusively on recovering from my eating disorder. This is when I fell in love with fitness. I started teaching a few group exercise formats, like spin and bootcamp, and then became a certified personal trainer. I found I could shift my focus from trying to control what I put in my body, to what my body could do. As I started to recover, I also found that I could integrate my economics background with my fitness career, growing into roles in upper management, business growth, and marketing. I got certified in CrossFit when I was rebranding a CrossFit facility in North Carolina. I’ll admit that I was initially skeptical of the CrossFit culture, but it wasn’t until I went to my L1 and started attending class & coaching that I realized I had already been living a CrossFit lifestyle. I’m a huge believer in diversification of exercise and nutrition. These days I run a Bay Area Pilates company. I teach CrossFit, bootcamp, HIIT, core, yoga, spin and pilates. I’ve run over 20 marathons and love hiking, paddle boarding, gardening and walking my two dogs Ziggy & Chewy. I love cooking and eat a lot of plants, meat, fish, grains & fats. I love wine and the way that it pairs beautifully with the freshness and flavors of a good meal. Some days I have carefully planned meals and other days I eat pizza and drink tequila. I haven’t had a birthday cake since my 16th birthday, and I know I will always have a complicated relationship with food and my body. I know that fitness both helped me heal, but also replaced a mental illness with a healthy obsession and I’m passionate about helping other women find the right balance without compromising their mental health.

Favorite quote: “You have seen my descent, now watch my rising.” – Rumi

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