New Equipment & New Classes

New Equipment & New Classes

This week’s blog post is a little less thought provoking and just a little more informational and exciting.

As some of you may have noticed, we have acquired some new equipment lately and we’re really excited about it. Below is a list of some of the cool new things that we’ve picked up, how you’re going to see them integrated into class or what the advantage is of having them.

OSO Barbell Clips
These are the best clips on the market today. They lock your plates down and they don’t budge. They’ll allow you to Oso Clipshit those repetitive barbell workouts that we see a lot of without ever having to adjust your clips. I know some of you are a little disappointed because this is when you catch your breathe, but I guess this means you’ll just have to visit the chalk bucket instead, haha.

Flat Benches
Yes, we did hear all of you “Bro’s” asking when we’re going to bench press and we went out and bought a handful of flat benches and have programmed our first bench press workout for this coming month. Make sure you all attend that day and wear a sleeve-monster t-shirt

Squat Stands
A couple days ago we bought a pair of squat stands and have another pair on the way. This will give us 6 squat rack locations in total, which should be more than enough for even our biggest class on any lifting day when we take the bar off the rack.

Wall mounted pull-up bars
In the next week or two you’ll see the famous Cróga wall lined with some wall mounted pull-up bars. This will give us another location besides the rig to get on the bar and will also allow for people working on that side of the gym to not have to find their way through the middle of class when there is a barbell and pull-up bar related element involved.

While most of you are well aware of these already because they are hard to miss with their beautiful gold paint jobs, we are very happy we were able to find these and we will be acquiring more very soon. They are hands down the best piece of conditioning equipment out there and although you may hate them, they’re good for you.

Now, for the awesome news about a couple new classes. Starting next week we will be launching an Olympic Lifting class and Open Gym time.

Our Thursday night at 7:30 pm class will change from General CrossFit to Olympic Lifting starting Thursday, 6/25.
Each week we will select a lift and work on improving your feel for, understand of and efficiency with that lift. Some weeks will be technique based, while others will give you an opportunity to go for the home run to PR your snatch or clean & jerk. We’re hoping that this class will gain some momentum and we can add another hour or two at different spots in the week in the future.

Our Saturday morning will have 1-hour of Open Gym from 8:00 am to 9:00 am starting Saturday, 6/27.
For those of you that missed a workout during the week that you want to make up or those that need to get in and out of the gym on Saturday before 9 am, we are adding 1-hour of Open Gym. During this hour we will have a general warm-up and the WOD on the board and will have a coach there to supervise and give instruction as needed. However, this will not be a structured class, so please know what you’d like to do with the hour and be accommodating of the other athletes in attendance by keeping your equipment in order and safe. We are also hoping that this hour of Open Gym will be something you all enjoy and we will look to open other hours throughout the week for your use in the future.