Nick V. Is Our March Member Of The Month

Nick V. Is Our March Member Of The Month

Nick has been a friend of ours for a few years now and when he decided to give CrossFit a try, we were really happy to add another friend of ours to our community. With Nick being one of those guys that has a lot of hidden talents, I’ve always known that he must be a quick learner who dedicates himself to whatever his new project is until he’s figured it out. I had a feeling that the same would hold true for CrossFit and boy was I right on this one. Nick has shown that he is a fantastic listener and someone dedicated to learning and succeeding. He really thinks through all the tips the coaches give him, makes quick adjustments and seems to be making improvements on every movement each and every time I see him perform them.

We have had a great time watching Nick progress during his time at Cróga and had a really fun time watching him compete in this years Open. Now that he has most of the movements down, this next year is one where he is poised to make some huge improvements in strength and on high level gymnastics. We’re excited to see what he accomplishes next!

Here is a little Q&A with Nick on his experiences at Cróga CrossFit:

(Dave): When did you join Cróga?

(Nick): Jan 2014

(D): What were you doing before for fitness?

(N): Mostly watching sports on the TV… also the occasional weekend gym session and pretending I liked running.

(D): What improvements have you seen in the way you look, feel and perform?

(N): All around I feel way better, I’ve not shed many pounds but the jelly areas have firmed up and I can bend over and touch my toes most days of the week. Flexibility has never been a strong point of mine, and it still needs work but I’ve realized huge improvements compared to last year and it’s helped my form significantly.

(D): What’s your favorite WOD?

(N): Anything with a row.

(D): What’s your least favorite WOD?

(N): Without a doubt 14.5, I’m too tall for that many burpees.

(D): What do you love about CrossFit?

(N): The crew that comes to Cróga, and all the jokes about people who do CrossFit.

(D): What’s been your favorite culinary discovery since joining Cróga?

(N): Whipped sweet potatoes with chipotle toasted pepitas and goat cheese (I’m pescetarian).

(D): What’s your biggest fitness goal for 2015?

(N): Squats, form and weight… that and crushing a WOD faster/better than Steve and Todd

(D): What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Cróga CrossFit?

(N): Set a schedule for going to the gym and stick to it… also don’t look at the WODs before, just show up and accept the fact that you’re going to be tired at the end.

(D): 20,000 miles of running or 20,000 miles of rowing?

(N): Gross… but I’d take rowing over running any day

(D): Anything to add that we didn’t touch on yet?

(N): I can’t understate how everybody at Cróga, both coaches and members help to make this gym awesome. Knowing that whenever I arrive there’s going to be a group of people ready to smash through WODS and tack on extra credit motivates me to show up and work as hard as they do.