November Skill of the Month – Push Ups

November Skill of the Month – Push Ups

At Cróga we have been incorporating a skill/movement of the month for over a year now. This part of our class has proven to help our members make some significant improvements in strength, skill and mobility in just a months time and that’s why we’ve kept it as one of our core parts of class for so long.

Well, we’ve decided to take it to the next level.

With the help of one of our new coaches, Jason, writing a template, we’re going to be taking November’s skill of the month up a notch.

The skill will be push-ups and we’re going to complete the skill Mon/Wed/Fri with the weekly format as follows:

On Monday November 2nd we will test your max set of push-ups and then you will complete 3 more sets at 60-65% of that quantity.

You will then log your name, max set and additional sets on the spreadsheet we’ll going to have on the front desk next to the Beyond the Whiteboard computer.

The remainder of Week 1 will consist of 4 sets at 60-65% of max with the last set being an AMRAP.
Week 2 – 4 sets at 70-75% – last set is an AMRAP
Week 3 – 4 sets at 80-85% – last set is an AMRAP
Week 4 – 4 sets at 90% – last day (Fri, Nov 27th) re-test your max set

If you do not come to class on Monday, November 2nd you will have the option to test your max set at home, or another day later that same week and then just jump in the rest of the progression.

The nice part about this movement is that if you are not able to attend class on Mon/Wed/Fri any week, you can still complete the work at home or work or in a hotel room while traveling if you set aside 5-10 minutes.

Don’t worry, we have also thought of those that don’t quite have the best strict push-up form, but are hoping this month will be able to help them.

For the less advanced. We’ll just be trying to improve technique and get 5-10 solid push ups by the end of the month.

We will have you work towards a more challenging incline each week. Keeping the reps the same but make the scaling more difficult as you go through the weeks. Meaning, we may start you on a 30″ box pushed up against the wall doing sets of 10, then change the box to 20″ week 2, then a stack of plates that is 10″ from the ground on week 3 and finally on a single plate by the end of the month.

Finally, make sure you are diligent about logging your work and keeping the reps honest with a straight body line, chest touching the ground at the bottom and elbows locked at the top. There may be prizes for the athletes that show the most improvement by the end of the month, but it will be up to the coaches discretion on whether the work legitimately deserved the reward.

We’re looking forward to another great month of improvement with the skill of the month!

Non-Cróga Members, don’t be afraid to follow along at home and see what kind of improvements you can make. Let us know how you do, we always love hearing about success stories!