Nutrition: The Most Important Puzzle Piece

Nutrition: The Most Important Puzzle Piece

When it comes to feeling good, looking good and living a long healthy life, there is no debate that eating well is the most important piece to the puzzle.

That is why nutrition is the base of the CrossFit Theoretical Hierarchy of Development and why we discuss it in our intro series with all clients and constantly touch base with all our members about how their eating is going.

With that said, it should be no surprise that nutrition is the number one area of fitness that I’ve written the most about on our blog.

So, whether it’s eating real food, doing a Whole30, going Zone or counting your Macros, we’ve got the knowledge and are willing to help you reach your goals.

Below is a list of blog posts that I’ve written through the years for you to reference to hopefully pique your interest and get you started.

Then, if you’ve got more questions or want more info, feel free to ask your coach or shoot us an email at info@crogacrossfit.comand we’ll get you all the info and help you need.

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