Obstacle Course Racing & CrossFit

Obstacle Course Racing & CrossFit

There is no doubt that Obstacle Course Races are extremely popular and are here to stay as a fun way to test your fitness with friends, while getting a little muddy and enjoying a good laugh along the way.

Some of these races are short with simple obstacles and are meant to be more casual (5k mud runs, Spartan Sprint, Warrior Dash, etc.), while others are meant to challenge even the best strength and endurance athletes (Spartan Beast, BattleFrog Extreme) by making you go 10+ mile distances, while changing elevation and completing difficult obstacles.10 general physical skills

Many people get convinced to sign up for Obstacle Course Races like these by friends, which can often bring a lot of anxiety and stress pre-race because most people feel unprepared for what’s ahead.

Well, if you’re already a member at Cróga CrossFit, I’ve got some good news for you, you have been working on the 10 General Physical Skills since the day you walked in the door and you will do great.

You are consistently working on your endurance and stamina, which will get you through the short and long races.

You are always developing strength, power and speed, which will help with moving heavy objects, jumping over obstacles and running to jump up walls.

And your coordination, flexibility, balance, agility, and accuracy are constantly being tested so nothing they can throw at you will be a new challenge.

Oh, I guess I should also mention that you’ve done a ton of burpees, so if for some reason you do fail an obstacle you’ll be right at home when they tell you to drop down and do 30.

If you are not a member yet, I can guarantee that with consistent attendance our classes will get your more than prepared for all obstacles that will be thrown at you. You will lose weight, get stronger, move better, learn skills (rope climbs) to conquer commonly failed obstacles and generally become better at all aspects of fitness necessary to be successful in your next race and also to stay healthy for years to come.

Don’t be the guy/gal that signed up for the race and just went out and ran a couple miles every once in awhile thinking it’d get you ready for what’s ahead.

Become the well rounded athlete that dominates the race and leads their friends through the course.

If you’re signed up for a race in the next couple months or are planning to sign up for a race this summer, come give CrossFit a try, we promise our fun and friendly community will be happy to welcome you and it will pay off come race day.

For more info on how to get started, shoot us an email at info@crogacrossfit.com or visit our Getting Started Page for more details.

We look forward to helping prepare you for your upcoming obstacle course race using CrossFit and getting to see photos of you muddy and happy at the finish line.