Personal Records

Personal Records

MEME - One of the greatest moments

The WOD this past Friday was 5 sets of 5 Deadlifts for max weight, which is quite similar to what we did on March 13th (5 sets of 3 deadlifts). However, this time around we saw A LOT more weight get picked up off the ground, which also resulted in a ton of big smiles and high fives!

Now that many of you have been at it for 1-month-plus, you will begin to see some of the movements we’ve done previously come back around. The WODs will most likely be a variation of what you did the first time, but you will begin to see the progress you’ve made and we want to celebrate your PR’s (Personal Records) with you! Please continue to log all your scores in Beyond The Whiteboard and let us know when you set a new PR.

The Deadlift PR’s that came on Friday are below:

PJ: 315# for 4 (PJ not only deadlifted 300+ for the first time ever, but lifted 315# 4 times!) THREE HUNDRED POUND CLUB
Coach Kelly: 195# for 5 (Kelly’s previous 3 rep max was 185#. 10# PR and 2 extra reps!)
Lukey C: 355# for 5 (Luke’s previous 3 rep max was 315#. 40# PR and 2 extra reps!)
Dave Maxwell: 195# for 5 & 205# for 1 TWO HUNDRED POUND CLUB

*If you set a PR and aren’t on this list, let us know and we’ll make sure to add you*