Positive Momentum & The Jar of Awesome

Positive Momentum & The Jar of Awesome

Now that we’re a couple months into 2017 and most of us have settled into our routine, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about momentum.

At the beginning of every year we ask you all to set goals, some are well within reach and some are a bit lofty, but that’s ok, we need both types to keep us motivated throughout the year.

As January comes to an end those that really focused their energy and latched on to a short term goal they set usually get it and it motivates them to choose a new target and keep going.

At the same time, there are those that tried, but maybe got derailed by an illness or some added responsibility at work or a fluke twisted ankle while hiking and didn’t reach their goal.

If you’re in the first group, congrats, you got over the first hurdle and you’re well on your way to kicking ass this year.

Stay focused on a task or two at a time and enjoy the ride.

But, don’t stop reading because you’ll need the info I’m going to give you below a little later this year when you hit a little bump in the road.

If you’re in the second group, have no fear, I’ve got the perfect way to get you back on track and to re-motivate you to reach that weight loss or 1 rep max squat goal later this year.

So, what’s the novel idea you ask?

To create positive momentum…

I’ll let one of my favorite outside the box thinkers, Tim Ferris, explain it to you in this youtube clip about his “Jar of Awesome” & Celebrating Small Wins:

[vc_video title=”” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWCv0zAnqW0″]

As I’m sure some of you have heard me say before, “Life can’t always be rainbows and unicorns, but I’m sure as hell going to celebrate when it is”.

The only way to keep the ball rolling in the positive direction in my opinion is to look at the good things going on in your life and use them as your fuel.

And when you hit a bit of a rough patch, or some trying situation, reach into your jar of awesome or look back at your gratitude journal (a little journal you write in each night before bed that includes all the positive things that happened that day and all the things you’re grateful for) and put a smile back on your face and get ready for the task at hand.

This is the EXACT reason we ask you to ring the PR bell and write your Personal Record on the whiteboard.

We want you to celebrate your victories, even if it’s only 5 lbs more than you lifted in the past.

This is also why we want you to sign up for The Open (click here to register).

Because, we guarantee you’ll be presented with a challenge that you don’t think you can accomplish and you’ll surprise yourself among friends that are cheering you on and will get to enjoy celebrating your victory.

One of the biggest pieces to living a positive and happy life is momentum.

You’ve gotta keep it going when you’ve got it and you’ve gotta put a stop to the negative momentum when it rears its ugly head.

So, my task for you this week is to grab a jar or a little box or an old empty journal and start your Jar of Awesome or Gratitude Journal.

Each day, before you go to bed, write down the awesome things that happened that day and fold them up and put them in the jar.

Just get in the habit of giving it a shot.

It doesn’t have to be a ton of things, just 1 or 2 or 3 small things that happened that day.

As time goes by, the jar will begin to fill up.

And eventually, something will happen that will get you feeling down, or like all odds are against you. Then, when this happens, you’ll be prepared.

Crack that bad boy open, grab a couple out and read them, and recalibrate.

Then watch what happens in the following week.

I have a feeling you’ll be surprised by the results.