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At Cróga CrossFit we offer a handful of classes and programs focused on helping you reach your goals and becoming the best version of yourself possible.

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Start-up: Our one-on-one intro series where we teach you all about CrossFit and get you comfortable with our program so you’re ready for our group CrossFit classes.

Ignite: Our 30-minute express fitness class (no intro or experience required) where we combine the main principles and methodology of HIIT & CrossFit but restrict the movements to include cardio, core work, bodyweight, light kettlebells, light dumbbells and light medicine balls.

CrossFit: Our main group class offering and the basis of our fitness methodology. Our CrossFit classes are available to athletes of all ages and fitness levels once you’ve completed our Start-Up program.

Olympic Lifting: Our Olympic Lifting class is an opportunity to improve your technique and maybe even set a few personal records (PRs) with the snatch, clean and jerk.

Powerlifting: Our Powerlifting class is an opportunity to focus solely on getting stronger while improving your technique and maybe even setting a few personal records (PRs) in the Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

RX+: An extra credit program for our athletes that want to step up their game by getting stronger and learning new skills on top of just staying healthy and looking good.

Personal Training: We offer one-on-one personal training 7 days a week that works around your schedule and includes exactly what you need to reach your goals.