Revisit your goals

Revisit your goals

I was just going through some old notes on my phone during our flight to Arizona and I found one called 2012 CrossFit Goals.

When I saw the list, it immediately took me right back to when I wrote it, which was August 2012 after Kel and I had returned from The 2012 CrossFit Games.

This was the first time we had been to The Games and to say that I was inspired would be a HUGE understatement, I was PUMPED!

Looking back now, I was at least slightly what I like to call “young and dumb”, even though that was 3 short years ago. Actually, maybe “foolishly optimistic” is a better way to put it.

However, whatever state of mind I was in, I was definitely motivated and determined to start my journey back to a level of fitness I hadn’t seen in a couple years due to a severe snowboard injury that rendered my right arm useless for CrossFit 9+ months and then a torn ACL a year later that did basically the same thing to my right leg.

With this boost of energy and motivation I decided I was going to put a list of goals together that accomplish before the next season.

I knew that these numbers weren’t good enough to get me to The Games, but they were well beyond my reach at the time and they would definitely keep me honest and point me in the right direction.

So, without further delay, THE LIST:

2012 Crossfit Goals

Back Squat 365

Clean & Jerk 275

Snatch 225

Fran sub-4

Isabel sub-4

Crossfit Games Chipper sub-20

Deadlift 455

The first thing I think about when I see this list is that I must’ve felt like my aerobic capacity was pretty good at the time, but that I was really weak.

The second thing I notice is that I am yet to deadlift 455 lbs. I think I’m capable now, but I just haven’t tested my 1RM deadlift in maybe a year, so I should probably do that.

The final thing I thought about is that I have accomplished every other one of these goals and I’ve finally surpassed them to the point where if I see those numbers pop up, I’m not worried about making the lifts or beating the times. However, it’s also 2015, which is 2-and-a-half years later, not 1 year like I had planned when I wrote this list, but we won’t focus on that, haha.

With 1/4 of the year behind us, yes it’s already April, I think it’s very important to revisit your list of goals from this year, last year, and the year before if you still have them.

When you do this, keep your mind right. Don’t get caught up in what you haven’t done. Focus on where you’re going and use them to “right the ship”.

I have revisited that list many times over the last couple years and each time I do, I typically find another thing I’ve accomplished and I also find another target.

If I let the list of goals define me or impact how I feel about myself as an athlete, I would’ve quit a long time ago. I obviously didn’t reach my goals in the time frame I set for them.

But that’s not the point, the point is to keep chasing them.

Don’t stop until you’ve accomplished them all.

Then move past them so that they’re not something you can get every once in awhile when you’re lucky, but that you know you’ll never miss.

Then set new goals and enjoy the chase again.

I have a list for 2015 that I wrote a blog post about at the beginning of the year, you can read it here. And you can bet your ass that I’ve got them in my crosshairs, and I’m just waiting to gun them down!

What are some of your old goals that you’ve reached? Which ones have you set and not accomplished yet? And, what are you going to do about them?