Schedule Your Fitness

Schedule Your Fitness

This is a subject I’ve talked to tons of our members, as well as, a number of other individuals I’ve met during the last 2.5 years as a gym owner.

I hear it almost every time I talk to someone that hasn’t been to the gym in awhile or is disappointed in their attendance as of late.

“I just don’t have enough time to get to the gym” or some variation of this same statement.

Now, I know we live in Silicon Valley and most people have very demanding work schedules that often require 10-12 hour days and then most of our members have families they need to spend time with before and after work.

However, I’ve got the solution to the “I don’t have time to workout” argument.

Schedule your fitness just like you would schedule any other activity in your life.


It is a hell of a lot harder to find an excuse and skip your workout if it’s in your calendar.

It’s also much better for your significant other to know exactly when your class will end and that you’ll be home 15 minutes later to help cook dinner or take care of the kids.

The work you spent 20 extra minutes on that made you miss the start of 5:30 class most likely isn’t due at the end of the day and will be there in the morning, or can be taken care of quickly once the kids go to bed.

And if you’re a person that has “something that always seems to pop up” then set your alarm and get your workout on in the morning. We’ve got 5 am class Monday & Wednesday now and 6 am class every other day of the week.

Your health and fitness need to be a priority! Treat them just like any other important meeting and schedule your fitness.