Set the Bar High

Set the Bar High

A few weeks back, The Quote Board was changed by Haley to something I want to touch on today.


Think about it for a second, say it out loud to yourself “The least I’m willing to accept is the most I’ll ever get.”

The first time I heard this, I couldn’t believe how simple yet profound of a statement it was. I repeated it to myself out loud 3 or 4 times in a row.

“The least I’m willing to accept is the most I’ll ever get.” WOAH!

We didn’t just write this on the board to get you to go faster during your next WOD. We wanted you to really stop and think about it.

It’s quotes like these that really make me realize how parallel our one hour in the gym participating in our sport of choice, CrossFit, is with the rest of life.

CrossFit is hard, it requires confidence, stick-to-itiveness, faith, passion, intensity, concentration, effort, etc.

You know what every day life requires with all it’s twists and turns? All of the above and then some.

And the best way to thrive in both is to set the bar high.

Expect the best from yourself at work every day that you go to the office.

Give nothing but your full attention to your family when you’re with them.

Make the most of your free time by doing something you love and really finding joy in whatever brings a smile to your face.

And finally, when you come to Cróga, look at the WOD, set a goal that is beyond what you think is in your reach and do everything you can to achieve it. I have a feeling that you’ll surprise yourself. And when that happens, your coach and the members that are standing beside you, giving it their all, will be there to celebrate that victory with you because you’ve earned it!

Don’t ever sell yourself short, only accept improvement and you’ll get there, I promise.