Spreading the Fitness – CrossFit

Spreading the Fitness – CrossFit

I just had a thought and I wanted to throw it out there to our community and see who’s interested.

On a fairly regular basis I hear from one of you, our awesome members, that you’ve got a group of friends or a coworker or coworkers that have asked you about CrossFit because they’re curious about what/how/why we do it and they’re thinking about maybe giving it a try.

This typically results in a long drawn out series of conversations where you try to convince your friend that it’s not that difficult and the workouts can be scaled for anyone’s fitness level and that they should just give it a try, but they never actually act on it and you just got round and round in circles with no end in sight.

Well, here’s your chance to end the merry-go-round by bringing me, Coach Dave, to them instead of having to answer questions forever because they won’t come to us.

Effective immediately, I am going to make myself available to all of you as a resource for speaking to groups or individuals that you know that are interested in CrossFit, but haven’t done anything about it yet.

This can be speaking at your work during an all-hands meeting, speaking to a Public Speakinggroup of parents that your kids play on a team with, joining you for a dinner with friends (I will pay for myself, haha), grabbing a cup of coffee, etc.

I also want to emphasize that although this is obviously an opportunity for us to grow our community, I am still willing to speak to individuals or groups that Cróga is not convenient for because this is more about getting people healthy and fit, no matter what CrossFit gym they join, than it is about our gym specifically.

So, with that, if having me join you to speak to an individual or group is something that interests you, please shoot me an email,david@crogacrossfit.com, and we can work out a day/time that works best for you and your future CrossFitter friends.