Start With Why

Start With Why

Earlier this week while farting around the gym, Coach Charlie and I started down a rabbit hole about how to improve our classes and the experience of our members. The following blog post, written by Charlie, is the intersection of some previous knowledge and experiences of his mixed with where we ended up and how we decided to proceed forward. I hope you enjoy it! This is the first of many guest blog posts by our coaching staff.


What. How. Why.

Three pretty simple one syllable words. Three pretty simple one syllable words that, from outside the snow globe, become immensely important to us. When you are confronted with a task, which question do you ask yourself first? What do I do to get this done? How do I do this? Why do I do this? Answering any of the three questions will more likely than not help you accomplish your task or goal. All three provide some basic level of feedback that will move you from point A towards, and hopefully to, point B. But, can we be satisfied with just getting from point A to point B? Can we demand more from ourselves? Is there a deeper depth we can tap into that resonates into our core beliefs and values? Yes, there is.

Purpose. Why do you do something. Simply asking “what?” or “how?” accelerates us through the process, forcing our attention to completing our task. It’s a maniacally simple trap to fall into. We are given time constraints and preconceived expectations that cloud our focus and constantly push it to “finish this fast and get to the next as soon as possible.”

Magic is in the movement

We ask you to start with WHY. Simon Sinek, a very well sold author and well viewed TED talker, created this phrase to help individuals jump into those deeper depths of purpose. He asks a very simple question: “Do you know your why?” This gets extremely existential very quickly, as it should. Asking a group of individuals the simple question of “What is your purpose?” will yield a very interesting response. When push comes to shove, it is very hard for people to state in a clear and concise statement what their why or what their purpose is. There’s a multitude of reasons for this; cultural background, work expectations, family beliefs are just a few mechanisms that can morph/shape/distort someone’s purpose.

It is not our place to force a predetermined or contrived purpose onto you, but it is certainly our job to illuminate the why in what we do at the gym. The gap between your why and our why, the reason why you came to the gym today and the reason why we chose the programming we chose is innately linked. Call it the ‘Why Causeway’ (Causeway because my parents live in Miami and there are causeways everywhere—nailed it).

Your why will always manifest itself in our why. You will start out on the causeway with your why. I came to the gym today because it reflects my deeper purpose of ____________. You will meet our why; our purpose as a gym and community as it is echoed in our programming and coaching. Do not underestimate the empowerment this creates. The best athlete is the empowered one; the athlete that is so confident in their values and beliefs that when the wall comes, there’s only way and that is over. By starting with why, not only do we uncover the purpose behind what we do, but at the end of it all, your self-assessment becomes true and real. Give yourself the opportunity to answer to yourself first. Without the initial purpose, without your initial why, there is nothing to circle back to when self-assessment, the most poignant of all assessments, arrives.

Keep an eye/ear out for more information from your coaches on why we structured the warm up and class the way we did, how they relate to the workout that is programmed, and why the programming is what it is. We hope this information will help clear up a lot of the questions that often run through our clients heads and get us all on the same page on how to execute the work that has been assigned for the day.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, which will touch on Cróga’s mission statement and core values to give you a better idea of our ‘why’ as a gym and community.