Sweat the Small Stuff

Sweat the Small Stuff

We’ve all heard it before and most of us have probably said it before, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Words to live by when writing an email to a group of friends to organize a birthday dinner, but NOT when trying to build the best version of yourself in the gym.

I know, I know, you’re busy running around trying to get your kids to school on time, so you can get to work on time, to finish the project by the deadline that seems impossible, just to rush out of work to pick your kids up from school and take them to practice and then make dinner and then get them to bed on time and you’re supposed to fit the gym in there somewhere and now I’m going to make you slow down? How the hell are you supposed to slow down?

It seems impossible at times, especially with the hectic lives that we live, I mean I just tried to summarize our typical members day and I probably left out 50% of the things they have to rush to get done and it still made me anxious just thinking about all the things I’ve got to do today…

However, this crazy speed at which we live our lives and the “don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude that we often take so that we can get more done can be a big problem when we get to the gym.

So this week, I’m going to ask you to please, sweat the small stuff, at least when you’re in the gym (this might actually be good advice for other aspects of your life too because your work may turn out better and your loved ones may feel like you’re giving them more attention, but I’m not in charge of giving you advice in those areas of your life).

What I mean by this is pay attention to the details.

When the coach tells you to air squat and demonstrates a proper knees tracking feet, weight evenly distributed in foot, chest up, hip below knee squat, don’t do the opposite.

And when we remind you to sit back or drive your knees out more to help improve your movement, don’t roll your eyes and just keep doing your improper and unsafe air squat because that’s the way you’ve always done it and nothing has happened yet.

We’re here to help, we’re here to coach, we’re here to make sure you stay safe, and we’re giving you tips and pointers to make you better, please sweat the small stuff and implement our advice.

These small little details are the ones that matter most, because if you build a crappy foundation (poor movement patterns in the warm up), the house you build on top of it (the same movement with weight) will crumble…

So, take this as your challenge for next week.

Sweat the small stuff.

And if you catch yourself zoned out and just floating along instead of purposefully moving properly and with intent, make the adjustment.

And then let us know how it went.

Did your knees not hurt for the first time in months after squatting?

Did you PR your push press because your dip & drive were more vertical than in the past?

Did your clean feel easier because you were moving more efficiently?

I hope the answer to all of these are yes, and that this spills over into other areas of your life!