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Be Lionhearted!

  • I want to thank all the coaches for always motivating and pushing me. The community is simply the cherry on top, you guys are awesome! Thank you!
    Erika A.
  • headshot-for-Terry-W.

    I’ve lost over ten pounds, but more importantly I’ve improved my health. I sprint up stairs, instead of panting all the way to the top. I actually can feel my muscles and just in general am more toned.
    Terry W.
  • headshot for Shawn O.

    I do feel much stronger overall. Although I have gained nearly 8 pounds since joining, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my overall body fat percentage has not gone up and shocked to find out how much muscle I have added.
    Shawn O.
  • I love the positive reinforcement and encouragement I get when I go to Cróga. I also like seeing the people I know and meeting new people at the gym.
    John L.