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Be Lionhearted!

  • The sense of community I observed during class and at the Open was something I was looking for so I finally made the switch from my previous box.
    Erin F.
  • headshot-for-Terry-W.

    I’m so grateful to Dave and Kelly for the experience and opportunity to learn how to be healthy and fit while having fun and making great friends. They provide fantastic, high-level coaching, and are compassionate as well as demanding.
    Terry W.
  • I feel like I have found a very different level of fitness than I ever achieved before in my life. I have always been big and strong, but have never been able to do some of the more basic body weight physical acts, like a pull up, before.
    Rick D.
  • headshot-for-Pareesa-R.

    Honestly I don’t think I’d love CrossFit if it wasn’t for Cróga. Not only are Dave, Kelly and Anthony amazing coaches, they are good people. The community of friends that I have made is what keeps me going.
    Paressa R.