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Be Lionhearted!

  • headshot-for-Todd-L.

    I love the competitiveness of the workouts of course however I also love the community as well. In no other competition will you see the first person to finish cheering on the last person to finish.
    Todd L.
  • headshot for Kevin S.

    I’d like to add a thank you to everyone at Cróga, coaches and other members alike, for creating a great community and a genuinely good place to be.
    Kevin S.
  • I love the fact that I never regret going; it’s never a waste of time! Whether I get to go push myself by lifting heavy weights or challenge myself to work on skills I’m weaker at, I’m usually super excited to go to class.
    Jill P.
  • headshot for Sam L.

    I’ve dropped 30lbs, learned how to fuel my body properly and I’m so much stronger then ever before. I just feel better all around.
    Sam L.