The 23:1 Rule – You’ve Gotta Do Your Part

I was having a conversation with a member yesterday about some nagging pain that she’s had for year that comes and goes, but has never really disappeared 100% from her daily life.

I asked her “what are you doing to fix it?” (knowing that I had given her a bunch of stretches and exercises to do at home).

Her response was “well, when I come in here a couple days a week I roll on the ball and try to stretch it, but the problem is that I sit at my desk all day.”

Often times my response is one of sympathy because I did the 7 am – 6 pm desk job before Cróga became my full time job and I know how much it can suck. I also know how hard it can be to do the right things to help you recover when you’ve got a lot of work to get done and it requires you to be at your computer.

However, on this morning I decided I was going to push her a little and my response was “are you doing any stretching or rolling outside of your time here? You need to do your part, I can only give you the tools, but I can’t fix you.”

Once again, I like to pride myself on being understanding and helpful, but I’ve found that sometimes some tough love is the only way to get action.

This is where the 23:1 rule comes in to play.

Whether you’re a member at Cróga CrossFit or not, chances are you spend no more than 1 hour a day, on average, at the gym.

This means that you spend 23 hours a day outside the gym, which gives you a lot of time to either do the right things (those that will help make the most of the work you’ve done in the gym) or do the wrong things (those that will counteract your hard work).

So, what are the right things to do outside the gym?

Here’s a list of 5 simple reminders that will help you be successful:

1. Hydrate: drink water and lots of it. Stay away from soda and juice, the useless sugar in those things is terrible for you.
2. Sleep: you need to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Stop watching random TV shows that don’t make you any smarter until midnight, get to bed and get your sleep. Your body repairs itself when it’s asleep. Giving you body ample sleep time is the best way to prevent soreness.
3. Eat real food: The best and most simple nutrition advice I’ve ever received is to eat as much food as possible that includes zero ingredients. Name an ingredient in a banana…
4. Maintenance: If you’re going to watch a bunch of TV, stretch during the commercials. If you need a structured stretching plan, sign up for and do ROMWOD every night (Link to 14-day Free Trial of ROMWOD). When you’re at the gym talking to other members before and after class, do so while stretching or in a squat hold, don’t just lean on the water machine.
5. Move: coming in and doing a 3 rep max deadlift at 6 AM and then going to the office and sitting in your desk for 8 hours is just asking for trouble. Get up every hour and walk around. Instead of having a one-on-one meeting down the hall in a conference room, propose that you walk & talk on the way to a coffee shop or a lunch spot, grab a cup or some food and then finish the meeting there or on your walk back to the office.

If you do your best to stay conscious of this list as often as possible (remember to live a little too), I can promise you that you will feel better in/out of the gym and you will live a better life.

Do you have any other ideas or reminders that you use during your 23 hours outside the gym that help take advantage of or improve your 1-hour training session?

ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion