The CrossFit Journal & The Fitness Pyramid

The CrossFit Journal & The Fitness Pyramid

For those of you that don’t know, The CrossFit Journal is an online publication that is “a fitness, health and lifestyle publication dedicated to the improvement of athletic performance and quality of life”.

It is an awesome resource for people new to CrossFit and also seasoned veterans. For $30 a year, in my opinion, it is better than any other magazine that you could read about fitness.

What is Fitness Pyramid

The pyramid above is from an article in the CrossFit Journal that was written by the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, in October 2002.

It is a very simple way of looking at what drives your performance as an athlete and how you should focus your efforts in order to get better.

As written by Greg, “the logical flow is from molecular foundations, cardiovascular sufficiency, body control, external object control, and ultimately mastery and application.” What this means is that eating well sets you up for getting better at all items above it.

Next up the pyramid, improved Metabolic Conditioning, will allow you to breathe easier while trying to perform Gymnastics movements and have better body control. This continues until you’ve reached the top of the pyramid, Sport, which is where you show mastery of all items below it and you apply them all to a task you’re trying to accomplish.

Think about this pyramid, focus on your diet, then push yourself to your cardiovascular limit in class, work on controlling your body and your motor function, then use this skill to lift heavier objects to make you stronger, and finally put it all together to crush the WOD.

Doing these things in order and paying attention to their importance in the hierarchy of the pyramid will improve your performance in the gym and also in LIFE!