The urge to learn

The urge to learn

The other day one of our members and I were chatting about a whole stack of stuff and one of the things that came up was that they were very impressed with Coach Cody’s growth and coaching ability.

I agreed with them and told them that besides the obvious things that make a coach great, genuinely caring for your athletes, spending a large quantity of hours coaching so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t, and looking to always help the athletes improve on a daily basis, there is something that is absolutely essential that Cody has.

You guessed it, the urge to learn.

My dad always used to tell me that your knowledge was like a bucket of water and every day you should look to put in a few drops.

By themselves a couple drops aren’t much, but combined with all the other days, eventually you’ll fill that bucket.

Almost every night, he’d ask me “what’d you learn today?” or “what were the drops you put in your bucket?” and I think this is where I really got my thirst for knowledge.

As I’ve got to know Cody better and better I’ve realized that, like me, he’s a real student of CrossFit and all it’s little parts and pieces and he’s constantly looking to “fill the bucket”.

When there is a movement in the WOD that he’s never coached or something he’s not 100% comfortable doing, he grabs his phone the night before and starts studying.

Looking for articles and blog posts on how to perform the movement, Instagram clips on movement efficiency tips, YouTube videos on how to break it down and coach a group or an individual.

And that is the separator.

That is the thing that really, truly, makes him a great coach.

The urge to learn is a trait that can make you great at almost anything when coupled with persistence and a willingness to work on yourself, not just be a great coach.

This is why whenever you read or hear things about people that are the best in the world in their area of expertise, people often talk about them “always reading” or “always asking questions” or “never being satisfied with the way things are currently”.

And I think these statements are just variations of ways to say that these people have an undying urge to learn.

And the crazier part about it is that most of the time the smartest people are the ones that do most of the listening, not the talking, even though they have a lot to share.

They realize that every person they meet, every conversation they have, every piece of media they consume is an opportunity to learn and to get smarter and to be better.

This urge to learn (and the support of some very important people behind the scenes) is exactly why a guy like me with a degree in construction management, who had never coached a CrossFit class before the day we opened Cróga, and who has zero experience in accounting, marketing, managing employees or anything else that goes into running a small business, can create a thriving business and community like Cróga in 4 short years.

And the urge to learn is exactly why Coach Cody is who he is and why he’ll continue to be a stud in whatever he chooses to do going forward.

So, do you have it? Do you have the urge to learn? Are you looking to fill the bucket?