Think of how far you’ve come

Think of how far you’ve come

Tomorrow, it’ll be October, and with that comes fall/winter, colder weather, the holidays, shorter days and a lot of other things that we all love and enjoy.

It also brings a lot of things that have a tendency to distract us from our goals and slow our progress.

As much as I love hanging out on the couch with a fire roaring, watching a movie, and drinking a glass of bourbon with Kelly and our dogs curled up next to me, I also know that this isn’t something I can do daily if I want to reach my goals.

And when I saw this little note on Instagram the other day, it reminded me that winter is coming…

It reminded me of all the progress I’ve made since March and what my target is for March 2017.

It reminded me, that I need to remind all of you, that the hardest time of year to get into the gym and to say no to unnecessary amounts of food, drink and desserts is right around the corner.

Tell encourage you to set some goals now (only drink 1 day a week, don’t get more than 1 plate when the holiday dinner is buffet style, put my workout schedule in my calendar so I don’t miss a class because it’s dark out and I’m tired), so that you can be successful when it’s easy to be lazy.

To let you know that we’re here for you and will gladly be your “safe place” and your resource for how to get through this difficult time of year without taking too many steps in the wrong direction. And to hold myself accountable for all of the above so that I can be the example and the leader so we can stay strong and fit together.

So, be prepared, and let us know how we can help you.

And remember, the good decisions add up, but so do the bad ones…

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