Track your Workouts, You’ll End Up More Fit

Track your Workouts, You’ll End Up More Fit

If you’re a CrossFitter, chances are that one of the reasons you joined the gym had something to do with improving as a human.

Whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle, leaning out, getting strong, running faster, jumping higher, doing cool gymnastics tricks or all of the above, we all have at least one thing we’re looking to improve when we go to the gym regularly.

While all of these are great reasons to work out, just as we discuss in our intro classes, our goal as a gym is to provide you with increased fitness, which, as CrossFitters, means that we’re looking to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

You might also hear CrossFitters talk about how we’re constantly looking to work at higher levels of intensity because, to us, intensity is equal to power output or force times distance divided by time, which gives us an exact metric for how much work we did in any workout.

That all being said, the ONLY way to truly have a goal and work towards it is to write down where you started and track your progress to ensure you’re moving the right direction.

And, if your goal is something that is as open ended as “lose weight” or “get stronger” without choosing exactly how much weight to lose or how much stronger you want to get, I would encourage you to do exactly what we encourage all our members to do in Intro Class 2, which is to eat well and look to improve your fitness and let the body do what it will.

With that said, since the day we opened Cróga CrossFit more than 5 years ago we have been using Beyond the Whiteboard to program and track our members workouts and results.

If you did an intro with us, we definitely set up an account for you and showed you how to use it, and if you came to us from another CrossFit gym, a sign up link and demo video were included in your welcome email.

We love this software because it allows you to easily see the workouts that you’re going to be doing that week (we release 1 week of workouts at a time), easily click the workout/s of the day and log your results, AND keeps track of all previous results while also giving you suggested weights and potential maxes for movements you’ve done before.

It is also a really fun place to challenge your fellow Cróganites and give them a fist pump when the hit a PR (Personal Record).

So, if you haven’t or don’t regularly record your workout results, I encourage you to start today.

Tracking progress and constantly looking to improve, just a little at a time is the path to long term success and will help you reach physical and aesthetic results that you never thought were possible.

P.S. If you need help setting up your BTWB, resetting your password, or learning how to use it again, shoot us our Office Manager, Jill, an email at or ask your coach in your next class and we’ll gladly help you.