What are you training for? A high intensity lesson

What are you training for? A high intensity lesson

It’s no secret that one of the pillars of the CrossFit methodology is high intensity and we pride ourselves on achieving results by pushing ourselves a little bit harder or lifting a little bit more than in our previous attempt or workout.

Training for Zombie ApocalypseBefore we go any further, let’s get it started with a question: what are you training for?

Are you someone looking to compete in CrossFit or another sport at a high level?

Are you someone that wants to be more capable as an individual and wants to be more active?

Are you someone who wants to be as fit as they can be to live longer and be able to play with their kids without getting worn out or throw them really high to hear them laugh? (hopefully with a safe landing and preferably in a pool, haha).

Are you someone that wants to just lose some body fat, grow some muscles and as the saying goes, “look good naked”?

Depending on which of the above you selected, my suggestion for the way you train, the weights you use, the movements you include, the frequency at which you train, and the volume of training you do would change drastically.

Now, we have said it time and time again and will continue to always so it, our job as coaches at Cróga CrossFit are to keep you safe, get you fit, and make it fun.

With that in mind, I want to encourage you all to keep your answer to “what are you training for?” in mind every day when you come to the gym.

It doesn’t matter what the guy/girl next to you or in a previous class or in a later class is lifting, or how fast their going, or if they’re going to beat you or not.

All that matters is that you know why you’re there, you have chosen a weight or movement or quantity of reps that is going to help you achieve that goal and that you perform at the highest level of intensity you are capable of.

This means that the athlete that wants to compete in CrossFit will inherently need to lift heavier weights relative to their capacity and push themselves to a place they couldn’t previously go.

The athlete that wants to be more capable and active may need to dial it back to 80-90% to keep their form good and reduce the chance of injury, but still challenge themselves and just move faster. You can’t be active if you can’t walk…

The athlete that wants to live longer and be able to play with their kids may need to dial the weight or movements back a little more and focus on pushing the pace as much as possible and maybe completing more reps. Kids are fast and being able to chase after them for hours on end is often a necessity.

And the athlete that just wants to look good might need to find a comfort zone that involves touching all these areas, but is going to have to pay even more attention to what they do outside the gym in terms of diet.

Moral of the story here is that you’re all individuals with different goals in mind and we want you to keep those in the back of your head each time you train.

And just because you have a different goal than every other person in your class, doesn’t mean you can’t all train with intensity, you will all just arrive at your own personal finish line in a different way.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to any pressure you put on yourself or that you think you feel from the outside if it doesn’t match your goal.

We can adapt all workouts that we program to meet your needs, but don’t be surprised if the answer we give you isn’t the one you were expecting.

If you tell us you were “hoping to do more cardio” on a strength day, we’re probably not going to change the workout because you most likely need to be stronger and “cardio makes you lose weight” is a myth that we’ll discuss at another time.

However, we may tell you to back off the weight a little and increase the quantity of reps & sets while reducing the rest between them, we promise that when done correctly, strength training can also make you breathe hard and get you sweaty.

I think that’s enough rambling fueled by a handful of cups of coffee for today.

Keep up the hard work and don’t forget what you’re training for!