Whether it’s good or bad, it’s good

Whether it’s good or bad, it’s good

“Whether it’s good or bad, it’s good.” – Josh Bridges

Watch the video below, think about it for a minute, and then read on.

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For those of you who don’t know who Josh Bridges is, he’s what is known as a Certified Badass.

Not only is he one of the best CrossFitters in the world (13th in the 2016 CrossFit Games, 1st in 2016 California Super Regional), but he’s also a former Navy SEAL, which puts him on another level of badassness.

After this short introduction to who he is, it goes without saying that he’s pretty tough and his mental game is probably superior to most average individuals.

And that my friends is exactly why I love watching videos of him.

In the Instagram post above, he talks about how one of his SEAL troop commanders always turned everything into a positive or a learning experience, which is a lesson that I think we can all learn from and try to implement in our daily lives.

No matter what situation that is presented to you, find the best takeaway you can from it and use that mindset to attack it and to motivate you.

Presented with what appears to be an unrealistic deadline at work? GOOD. You get to learn to prioritize only the necessary tasks and be more efficient.

One of your kids struggling with math and need help with homework to improve their grade? GOOD. You get to spend more quality time with them and maybe learn a little math yourself.

Spouse traveling for work and you need to keep the household afloat while they’re gone? GOOD. You will develop a new appreciation for all that they do for the family and how hard it is to be a single parent.

Workout get programmed at Cróga that includes a movement or two that you don’t like or struggle with? GOOD. Time to continue to push your limits and learn new skills and work through mental barriers and progress as a human.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure you’ll hear me saying again, you’re in control of your own mindset and it can be the deciding factor on whether a situation turns out well or poorly.

Make the decision to have a positive attitude and enjoy the success that comes with it.

And always remember, “whether it’s good or bad, it’s good.” – Josh Bridges

P.S. Here’s another gem from Josh in case you were looking for some additional motivation: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”