Who’s Really the Selfish One?

Who’s Really the Selfish One?

This last week I stumbled on a blog post written by a fellow CrossFit Box Owner, Wes Piatt of Coast Range CrossFit in Gilroy, and it really struck a chord with me.

As I read through it, I realized that I’ve had this exact same conversation a million times with our members, potential members, and people I have met that find out I own a CrossFit gym and just want to chat, but I’ve never really been able to put my finger on how exactly to respond until now.

So that I don’t spoil Wes’ message, I’ll just give you a little background on him and then I’ll let him “take the mic”. Wes made the CrossFit Games in 2013 as an individual, he’s made regionals 5 times now including this year, he’s earned his CrossFit Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Certificates and is on the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff, and on top of all of this, he owns and operates Coast Range CrossFit with his wife, Megan.

To say that he’s a trusted source for information and has been around the block a few times would be an huge understatement.

So, without further ado, Wes’ “Who’s Really the Selfish One?” Blog Post