Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes

This past Sunday Evan, Catherine, Kelly and I attended a class called “Yoga for Athletes” at Breathe Los Gatos. This class is offered once per week on Sundays at 11:30 am and is 75 minutes long.

Over the years I’ve attended different yoga classes and a bunch of different studios, but I have never found a class that I liked enough to make me want to attend more than once, until we found Yoga for Athletes.

The class description says that it is designed for endurance athletes (runners or bicyclists), but after attending I found that it actually targets a few key areas that are huge for CrossFitters and that’s why I’m determined to make it part of my regular schedule.

The instructor, Mark, mixes in a significant amount of core strengthening exercises and glute isolation & balance work, which are often areas that many CrossFitters struggle.

He then adds a ton of glute, hamstring, calf & lower back stretching to the mix and next thing you know you’re covered in sweat (check my shirt in the picture above) and feel stronger and more mobile, which is exactly what a CrossFitter should be looking for in a yoga class.

To add to all of this, the class is quite calming and is performed in a warm room (not hot, just warm), which I have found really allows me to let my brain wonder and relax before the hectic week that is ahead.

I know that there are more classes out there in the Yoga world & in other fitness studios that could be beneficial to all of us CrossFitters, so if you know of one, speak up and share.

I hope to see some of you in a Yoga for Athletes class soon!