You can’t outwork a bad diet

You can’t outwork a bad diet

No matter how many times I have the “diet” conversation with a member or just someone I’m talking to at a party, it is still fun hearing the person say something to the effect of “I’ve realized that you can’t outwork a bad diet” at some point in the conversation.

In fact, about a week ago I received a text from one of our members with those exact words, followed by, “It’s just amazing how much diet plays a role”.

The amazing thing to me is how long it takes for some people to realize the very simple fact that no matter how much working out you do, you will never see optimal results unless you begin to focus on your diet.

Now, this isn’t going to a preachy blog post about what the best way to eat is and if you don’t eat that way you’re never going to achieve your fitness goals.

Also, I’m not here to convince you that I eat clean or healthy food 100% of the time, because I will fully admit I have at least a few “cheat meals” every results

However, I will tell you that the most effective “diet” or “way of eating” (as I like to call it because “diet” makes it sound like you’re starving yourself) is the one that you can stick with and that keeps you happy and healthy.

For us here at Cróga CrossFit, we like to promote the concept of “eating real food”.

In the words of CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman, “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”

We also think that if you are really looking for performance gains and a true optimum physique for your individual DNA make-up you should “keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” -Greg Glassman

These 2 very fundamental ideas are why we like to encourage our members to look into the Whole30 ( (our #1 resource for what is “real food”) and the Zone Diet ( (our #1 resource for establishing balanced meals & correct macronutrient proportions).

I’ll leave all that for you to chew on this week, pun intended, but check back next week for more details on some nutrition help, services and resources we will be offering in the near future to help you reach your goals.